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Can’t Let You Go: AR Santiago wonders why this dreamy romance didn’t work out on Falling

Taken off her soaring 3-track EP called #SadGirlHours, AR Santiago wanted to fly high with her previous lover but got tired of the call dodging and blatant lies on her hot new single called Falling.

AR Santiago is a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based RnB singer-songwriter who has an enduring style that shall probably sweep you off your feet.

This song was very personal to me. I wrote it 5 years ago about an affair I had with someone who unbeknownst to me had a girlfriend. I speak about how infatuated I was and how I saw the signs but, I was naïve.” ~ AR Santiago

Sensing the energy shift that took place rather suddenly, AR Santiago is at her natural best and delivers when the heartbroken needed it most. With a glorious vocal ability and a smooth production that might send you into a different galaxy, this is something rather special from a hugely skilled creative only getting better.

Falling from Pennsylvania-based RnB singer-songwriter AR Santiago is a song that you will probably find unforgettable. With classy vocals lathered all over this introspective story-made for those who have been cruelly let down-feeling rather emotional about a past love will come rather easily here.

Sung with a genuine passion and massive gusto, this is a song with an actual message to truly ponder if you have felt this empty feeling before.

Hear this honest new release on Spotify and see more via her Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen