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Apple Butter Days

Evan Oldenburg knows that even John Mellencamp can’t save him now on Where I Wanna Die

Bringing in a tremendously memorable single from his recent 11-track Apple Butter Days, Evan Oldenburg pleads for it to be left in peace forever rather than sold on Where I Wanna Die.

Evan Oldenburg is a Saginaw, Michigan-born indie solo singer-songwriter and freelance writer who is on a mission to get his small-town out into the world no matter what it takes.

Opening the familiar door up and wondering why this is the end, Evan Oldenburg¬†shows us his hugely promising skill set as an artist with authentic stories that matter. Vocally on point and soaked right through your core carpet like red wine on a new sofa-this is a single that has you closing your eyes and pondering where you thought you’d always end up no matter what.

Where I Wanna Die from Saginaw, Michigan-based indie solo singer-songwriter Evan Oldenburg is a superbly made soundtrack that might touch your heart just right. There is so much truth layered all over this rather marvellous performance inside a track made from the soul.

Leaving something so memorable behind strikes you hard when you realize there is no time left.

Listen up to the new single on Spotify and see more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen