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Pablo Laguna exposed the shadow side of neo-classical electronica in ‘Apnoea’

Madrid’s most striking composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer, Pablo Laguna, built on the foundation laid by the release of his 2019 debut album, Gradus Ad  Delirium, by unleashing his unnervingly commanding album, Is Not the Land, featuring the standout instrumental score, Apnoea. The haunting sonic narrative is a compelling dive into the depths of contemporary experimental music.

Born from the mind of a composer who seamlessly blends classical training with a punk ethos, Apnoea is a masterful fusion of neo-classical orchestral strings with unsettling electronic elements.

The disquietingly arrestive soundscape is far from the conventional cinematic neo-classical path; the horror elements are beyond Lynchian as they almost veer into baroque electronic folk territory. The synths quiver and shake as much as the electronic aesthetics to deliver a poignant reflection of our tumultuous times. Even with the jarring elements in this shadow side of neo-classical electronica, you can’t help but be hypnotised by the arcanely nefarious atmosphere.

Stream Pablo Laguna’s LP, Is Not the Land, in full via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast