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End credits roll for humanity in Timothy and the Apocalypse’s latest alt-electronica release, Ready for the End

For his latest single, Ready for the End, the epochal producer Timothy and the Apocalypse collaborated with the LA-based singer-songwriter 9 Theory to rekindle their alchemic chemistry for the third time.

The end credits for humanity roll in the soulfully sombre timbre of the single, which entwines lament with the last light of humanism that shines through the jazzy complex time signatures. As existential as it may be to consider the demise of everything that you’ve ever known, Timothy and the Apocalypse offers a placative and meditative reprieve from the anxiety in the form of Ready for the End. There is a reason why 46k listeners are glued to his discography. Hit play to find out why.

Ready for the End is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast