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She’s A Dreamer: Swedish act Quicker feel so alive when they are with her on ‘Ready Now’

With her sweetly struck smile and that glowing energy which has your wide-open eyes sparking like New Years Eve fireworks into the night-lit sky above, Quicker pull on our heartstrings just right to open up up our curious minds to what indeed is possible with ‘Ready Now‘.

Quicker is an easy listening rock/country group from peaceful Sweden. They make that happy-vibe music vibration that has you thinking the world can be a better place, as their sound is rather genuine and so fun to listen to.

Music, Love and life. Quicker is a project taking their influences from AOR and Country, with songs and lyrics sprung from experiences in every day life.” – Quicker

With an enchanting voice that has you so relaxed and feeling great, everything seems to effortless for this wonderful music experience that has you so joyful and positive, after so much recent gloom and doom.

Ready Now‘ from the exciting Swedish indie-rock/country act Quicker, takes you to a place where you meet someone who seems to genuine and pure – your souls lock in tight like a seat-belt clicking and this could be it – as you gaze at each other and beam the biggest smile that is humanly possible. Sometimes you just know when you find that special soul, and it is usually in the last place you expect too.

Stream this flourishing new single on Spotify and see more news on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen