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Gotta Get More Money: Afroman and BLAZAR heat up the airwaves with stem-less ‘Step It Up’

Powered by Cosmic Wire and AntiFragile, Afroman and BLAZAR join forces expertly to raise the level of 2021 with their dance-floor slider that is all about uplifting yourself to making that real paper stack of influential significance on ‘Step It Up‘.

Afroman is a world famous Palmdale, California-born indie rapper, multi-instrumentalist and singer. He is joined by label boss and music producer Jerad Finck aka BLAZAR, on this rip-roaring effort which will be craftiliy caught in your nodding head all day long.

Step It Up‘ from Afroman and BLAZAR, is a catchy new single all about not settling for the random average that can keep your soul from truly being satisfied. With a powerful message like this, ravishing raps from a true legend of the game, smooth vocals and a pimp stick swinging beat that has you putting those fresh sunglasses on as you dust off your smartest clothes, this is a momentum-shifting track. You feel like this is best to put on loud when you are feeling like you need to elevate yourself upwards – to a new level of achievement in your life.

Sometimes you just need to jump up from the slumber and do better, so that your hungry heart may feel alive and excited again.

Check out this blazing hot new track on Spotify and see more adventures on Afroman’s IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen