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Had To Survive: Atlanta rapper Ant earns that street ‘Respect’ (feat. MJ)

As he flows hard with such inner determination and rising confidence raining down on each busty bar, Ant strongly shows us what he has been working at achieving with the bass-heavy ‘Respect(feat. MJ).

Blake Chubb aka Ant, is a thriving Georgia, Atlanta-based indie hip-hop who started rapping when he was just eleven years old. He cleverly uses his wisely gained experience to totally enthrall the listener with gritty stories about live growing up, and what you have to do to survive and thrive.

With the impressively fierce and lyrical dominant Brownsville dynamo MJ on this track, these two skilled emcee’s connect like electricity bolted together when there is a lightning storm outside, as their raps are straight to the point like a double sided knife and full of cutting edge vigor.

This is the movie-like story of finding a way to get it done no matter what, as the mic gets hot with two rappers on a real tear and in the mood to get paid right now. The ominous beat draws you in like a finely tuned pencil, as they write their names up there with the legendary artists who are known to who really matters. The real fans.

Respect(feat. MJ) from the top notch underground Georgia hip-hop artist Ant, shows us that you can indeed earn what you deserve, but only if you are willing to consistently put the work in day after day. This is that street-hop cruise music that is hot on the streets — as they rampage willingly in with a track that shows you straight up — what is needed to eat like a King, in this crazy world full of devious characters, lurking everywhere to stop you from succeeding.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen