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All I See Is Ghosts: New Mexico-based artist Taylor Paul wants to get away from the bad vibes on ‘Another Day’

With a skilled fisherman’s precision sharpness as he looks to where he needs to be, Taylor Paul knows that he needs to move from all the spooky memories that restrict his sleep on his new single ‘Another Day‘.

Taylor Paul is a calm New Mexico-based indie pop singer-songwriter, music producer, and multi-instrumentalist. He forges that old school and new school sound together perfectly, as he fuses his own light into where there is so much darkness.

You feel his honest attitude flow vividly through the speakers as his mind looks for a way out. With a smoothly tuned vocal toolbox – his vocals are a pleasure to listen to throughout – as you find strength from his striking lyrics that certainly has you thinking deeply.

Another Day‘ from the New Mexico-based indie pop singer-songwriter and music producer Taylor Paul, shows us a story that shows you how he wants to grow, but feels like he is falling in his dreams and needs to find that exit sign quickly. With a freshly tuned voice, he sings with such reflection and you feel his anxious energy, which needs to be healed before its too late.

Only through being in a place where you feel safe, can you truly be free and fly into the sky to reach those dreams.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The journey to a fresh start: Los Angeles singer-songwriter Huney gets out of negative energy forces on ‘Another Day’ (ft. NiSPLASH)

LA musician Huney is on a music and film-making mission in 2020 and she returns with her latest indie-electronic track with Hip Hop flavor called ‘Another Day’.

After learning to play the piano when she was just 9 years old, Huney has since turned her attention to her visual arts training and making meaningful videos. This is a self-motivated creative who has used this horrible pandemic to learn new skills and build her name up as much as possible. When it gets tough, the tough get going.

With an EP on the way in 2021, she has a long-term plan and is building step by step to make sure that her vision is portrayed in the best possible light without any shortcuts.

You feel the opening intro deeply as we are teased with a haunting piano start that draws you in quickly. The tiptoe in the door is such a salivating beginning and you wonder what is next. Her vocals make your back shiver and his raps mesh the two together like ice in water, keeping the vibe cool but chilly real. You feel the energy and remember those times when you just wanted to get out of a place and never return.

This is all about wanting to start the day again as you haven’t had a fun night out and just want to be back at home, safe and away from this negative energy. You are trusting your gut and if you could teleport home now you would.

Another Day’ (ft. NiSPLASH) from the the incredible LA singer-songwriter Huney is an excellent indie-electro journey that gives you the feeling that these are two artists that truly get it. Being somewhere that is unnatural is bad for the soul and the sooner you get away, the better. Being with your tribe is the only way forward.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen