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Annie Green – Butterfly: Accordantly Mellifluous 21st-Century Soul Pop

Up and coming RnB Pop artist Annie Green has recently released her accordantly mellifluous single “Butterfly”. The soulfully-rendered single brings Soul right into the 21st Century with the pitch-perfect Pop finish, yet, the roots of the genre are still palpable within the soundscape.

The warm and inviting track is extremely efficacious at stripping tension as you appreciate the ease and the fluidity in the progressions. There’s also plenty of poetry to pick out of the metaphysical lyrics which may at first seem a little archetypal for a track pertaining to this genre. Yet, Annie Green’s nuanced talents shine through before you get the outro and leave you well and truly under the impression that we’ll hear plenty more intoxicating Soul Pop earworms from her in the future.

Don’t just watch this space. Show her some love. You can check out Annie Green’s latest single Butterfly for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast