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Annie Elise – glorious technicolour with ‘We Can Pretend’

Synesthesia is one of those conditions that doesn’t get the widespread understanding it should; but imagine ‘seeing’ sounds in colour, different pitches producing different hues across the whole musical/rainbow spectrum. That’s what Annie Elise, originally a classically trained violinist, has going on, taking her neurological condition and using it to create musical compositions that produce the colours that she likes to see.

Taking a break from production duties for Dawn Patrol Music, and eschewing her violin in favour of electronica, ‘We Can Pretend’ is an upbeat dance-biased synth-pop number, sequenced sounds and big beats working alongside Elise’s gentle vocal to deliver an easy, elegant europop track that’s big on catchy hooks and delicately worked melody – think gentler Charlie XCX, Little Boots, or Robyn, with a serious touch of Suzanne Vega’s chilled sing-song delivery and you’re in the right area. The sun’s shining, we’re drinking chilled Belgian beer from little stubby bottles, and ‘We Can Pretend’ is the perfect summery pop ear-candy soundtrack. Aaaaand relax.

Check out Annie Elise here or on YouTube; check out ‘We Can Pretend’ on Spotify or Apple Music.


Review by Alex Holmes