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Anni & John Lister taught a lesson in cinematic seduction in their jazz score, Man of Mystery

The art of seduction is stitched across the intricate tapestry of the latest cinematic jazz score from multi-instrumentalist and producer John Lister of Fingerman Studios and singer-songwriter, Anni. With Anni’s demurely siren-esque vocal lines narrating a tale of a Man of Mystery over the retro big band spy movie sound and the soft jazz stylings bringing decadence by the smorgasbord, the espionage-centric vignette will leave you hot under the collar and beyond.

If the producers for the next Bond film don’t enlist the superlative talents pertaining to Anni and Lister, who co-wrote the song together, they will have missed a lascivious trick. Heaven knows the franchise needs to redeem itself after Billie Eilish sang the last Bond theme.

The official music video for Man of Mystery premiered on September 8th; stream it on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Interview: Anni opens up the curtain Till The End Of Time

We had the pleasure of sitting down with the hugely inspiring young artist Anni lately. She tells us more about playing the piano, Till The End Of Time, her connection with John Lister and why we all needed to listen to that wise inner voice.

Hello Anni. Thank you for speaking with us today. Firstly, how did you get into performing music and what sparked your interest?

Anni: I began playing my parents’ piano and singing at a very young age. I would make up happy melodies and words and sing them whenever I was afraid or got hurt or had something coming up such as a test or a visit to the dentist. When I look back, I see that it was kind of like visualizing a more positive outcome.

Please tell us all about your debut solo release Till The End Of Time and what was the process like.

Anni: “Till the End of Time” is a song from my upcoming second album, and it deals with how our days are numbered and we ought to make the most of them. I had a lot to do with the structure of this song, and wrote the melody and lyrics. My producer took care of the more complex musical details and wrote the chords, arranged it, etc. He would have me sing harmony parts or change a few things, but it resulted in a better song.

How did you first get connected with John Lister and how has he helped your career?

Anni: John had heard of me as a freelance singer and had me come to his studio to sing on a couple of pop songs he had written. But he also had worked on rock music and I expressed interest in this, so our journey began in creating the ‘Anni’ persona and music. The first album contained some pop, but the new one will be all rock.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Anni: Don’t leave life to chance. Imagine yourself where you want to be, visualize a better outcome and just work towards that goal as though it is unstoppable. I guarantee it will happen, based on my own experience. The best advice I can give is to always listen to your inner voice, your intuition.

Your music has passionate energy brewing from each corner and features many different genres. How would you describe your sound and your vision for your new project?

Anni: The second album, “Revealed”, is more focused on the symphonic rock genre. This is a combination of hard rock music and orchestration, blended together to create a very powerful sound. My vision is to strengthen my voice, hit higher highs and stronger lows to become the very best I can be. My lyrics have evolved too, as these songs deal with more complex themes.

When you close your eyes and imagine performing live, what does it feel like deep in your bones?

Anni: This is an excellent question. My first album ‘The Revealing’ has a title track that talks about this very thing. I start off with stage fright, knowing there is no place to hide, but then I just boldly go for it and face the audience. I feel that when the time comes for a concert, I will take over the room, I will fill it with the songs I have conceived and as a messenger, it will not make me nervous, because they are not staring and listening to me, but to the delivery, the presence and message.

Lastly, what goals do you have for the rest of 2023 music-wise?

Anni: My first goal is to complete the second album, but these symphonic rock tunes are much more complex to compose and execute, so it’s going much slower than my first album. I believe it will all be worth the wait though, and the new album should be ready by summertime. After that, I’ll seek out live venues and maybe take a bit of a vacation. I’ve also been thinking about changing my look, which could happen once the second album is done. I’m thinking shorter purple hair, but we’ll have to wait and see. I expect to continue with the symphonic rock though, as it’s a niche I feel completely comfortable with. Thank you for interviewing me! 😊

Listen up to her story on Soundcloud.

Interview by Llewelyn Screen

Anni is a symphonic rock siren in her single, The Vortex is Closing

Taking me right back to when Apocalyptia deservedly reigned the alternative scene, the symphonic rock artist, Anni, left me nostalgically arrested by her single, The Vortex is Closing, which closed curtains on sanity with elevated ethereal grace.

By choosing the same sonic palette as a wind-up music box as a prelude before bringing in the artfully gothic atmosphere, which wouldn’t be out of place in a Cradle of Filth intro, the humanism creeps in through Anni’s seamlessly cutting vocal lines that compel you to lean into compassion for a protagonist who is fighting a losing battle with inertia and mania.

With enough raw power in her vocal lines they could be used as a natural energy source around the airy interludes, Anni is gorgeously vulnerable and unfuckwithable in the same harmonically pitched breath. We officially can’t wait to hear her debut album, The Revealing, which promises to pull prog rock in around her symphonic rock beguile.

The Vortex is Closing is now available to stream on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

There’s No Place To Hide: Anni fearlessly escapes from the suffocating cage on The Revealing

Produced by her friend and encouraging role model to the next step in her life named John Lister, Anni is that honest shy hero the world needed on the astonishing release, The Revealing.

Anni (pronounced Ann-Eye) is an Ontario, Canada-based indie rock singer-songwriter and music producer who has emerged from the shadows to sing away her fears forever.

After doing work for a few bands, and a lot of voice work in jingles and other commercial work, she decided it was time to finally get noticed. She figured that edgy pop music would be her best choice, so she contacted some local studios to begin work on a demo song.” ~ Anni

Urging her shaken heart to break free from worrying about things she can’t control, Anni opens up her vulnerability to the world and shows such courageousness. Working with the well-respected John Lister, we find out what a truly brave single sounds like.

A symphonic rock song by Anni singing about stage fright and being front and center on a stage. The instruments feature a full string ensemble and choir, along with the band instruments.” ~ Anni

The Revealing from Ontario, Canada-based indie rock singer-songwriter Anni is a rather brilliant effort from a soul who wants to fly free from her own mind. Sung with purpose and passion, featuring a stunning melody and production to savour, we find a sure-fire classic to turn up loud.

Hear more on SoundCloud. See more on FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

DJ Dante the Don returns with love party anthem ”Mine” (feat. Anni)

Dante the Don is a well-known DJ that has been playing for the last 20 years. He is back with his new track called ”Mine” (feat. Anni).

Dante Deiana has poured his energy into his craft over the years and has built up a terrific reputation from his travels. He plays at clubs and private events too, working his tail off to make sure that he gets re-bookings.

DJ Dante the Don’sMine” features the wonderful voice of Anni. This is all about wanting to be with that one person and making them all yours. You just want that one person in your life to be yours so you don’t have to share them with anyone else. There is a powerful beat here mixed in with the smooth female vocals. This is a club winner.

Mine” is top song from the multi-skilled DJ Dante the Don and featuring Anni. This a party-house track that proves so popular on radio and at the local nightspots.

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Stream this song via Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen