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St Louis metal act Split66 slam in hard with a roaring display on, ‘Anhedonia (Here We Go Again)’

Thundering in with much intent that slices briskly through any previous doubt or undesirable indecision, Split66 is in no mood to mess around with their latest meaty single to delve deeply into on, ‘Anhedonia (Here We Go Again)‘.

Split66 is a St Louis, USA-based indie metal band with a swarming style that might sting you like a hungry bee as they buzz through with a soaring new single filled with bite and heart.

After many lineup changes and after going through an enforced hiatus after the tragic loss of their former guitarist and founding member Mike Hohman, Split66 has reformed with meaning and sounds like they going to take this powerful project into a new dimension with a super single that certainly will wake you up.

Anhedonia (Here We Go Again)‘ from St Louis, USA-based indie metal act Split66 is a hardcore experience that is definitely not for anyone too young. The walls creak intensely here as this story about feeling like you are going under buries through the sand, to leave you wondering if everything is going to snap you in half like broken plastic.

With piercing vocals and a hefty metal effect for all fans of this genre to enjoy, this is a smashing track that might shatter fragile windows into smithereens.

Listen up to this heavy song on Soundcloud and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen