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Getting Paid: DonTana keeps the money-filled faucet flowing on ‘Back To The 6’ (feat. Zaytoven)

As he keeps the crew loyal and tight while they count the bags of cash that will make you blush in delight, DonTana slides in with the foreign cars looking all shiny with ‘Back To The 6(feat. Zaytoven).

DonTana is an Angolan-born, Columbus, Ohio-based indie hip-hop artist, songwriter, guitarist, singer, percussionist and composer.

With a smoothly tinted flow which tells you that he is in mightily confident mood, you sense that he is not going to stop this projection upwards anytime soon. He raps about all the successes with the money, ladies and cars at his disposal – as he keeps things smart and simple – on a tidily fresh beat that gets your head moving.

Back To The 6(feat. Zaytoven) from the flashy Columbus, Ohio-based rap artist DonTana, is a bank roll full track all about showing your success and not caring what anyone else thinks. He grew up poor and is enjoying this ride for as long as it lasts, as he knows that nothing is forever in this fickle game he has entrenched himself into. Made with a get-rich-now mentality, this is a rapper who keeps on smiling, as he can’t quite believe how well things have gone.

All that hard work and hustle can certainly pay off, in this world that rewards those who take risks.

Check out this cars-filled music video on YouTube and see how his career elevates on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen