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Angils delivered a stellar slice of progressive metal with their latest single, Drowning.

‘Drowning’ is the latest melodic metal single from the arrestingly talented alternative artist, Angils, who puts their own sludgy signature spin on the genre – to an atmospherically enticing effect.

With nuances of grunge in the harmonised vocals before they break into visceral, guttural angst, the progressive nature of the consistently unpredictable track keeps you hooked from start to finish. From grungy reminiscences to Alice in Chains to angular instrumental interludes to straight-up Pantera-Esque aggression, Drowning definitively offers it all. If the metal scene continues to sleep on Angils, they may as well be in a cultural coma.

It isn’t every day that we discover an artist whose instrumental ability is on par with their immersive songwriting prowess. We can’t wait to hear what follows.

Drowning was officially released on December 30th; you can check it out for yourselves via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Clocks Are Standing Still: Angils wonders deeply in the darkness on ‘Time Still’

Following up on their previous release called ‘Arising‘, Angils yearns for things to speed up so that they may live in peace again with the latest single that is sung with much fervent vigour on ‘Time Still‘.

Angils is a Greek indie-rock band. Recorded at the well-known Lizard Sound Studios in Athens, this is an introspective track that has certainly been made with high quality in mind for the seasoned listener.

Showing us inside his mind as he tries to get into that happy light-filled place where he wants to be thriving inside, Angils gives us an old school experience that is a timeless track we can all lather in reflectively. There is much to like about such a riveting track that keeps you on tenterhooks the whole way through and feels like it belongs in a dramatic movie.

Time Still‘ from the Greek indie-rock band Angils, is a vividly-described song that has been made with classic energy that is filled with deep vocals and quality guitar solos that reminds you of better times. This is the type of nostalgic wonder you have been waiting for, as it grips you close and shakes all that slumber off your body. You will probably be playing this again and again, as you turn the volume up and let it heal your whole soul from any self-doubt you may be encountering.

Hear this deep audio on YouTube and see more via the Twitter music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen