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The Right Tribe: AJ Raggs brings us the good energy on the vibrant vibe ‘My Kinda People’

Bringing his catchy positive energy to wipe away the gloomy and sad faces, AJ Raggs is all about finding the good vibes that helps manifest into helping others see what is possible on ‘My Kinda People‘.

Angelo Ragghianti aka AJ Raggs is a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-born, soon-to-be Nashville, Tennessee-based singer-songwriter and local cantor at various churches and festivals too. He brings that soulful soundtrack that immerses you closely to his light that burns bright and with such meaning.

His voice carries you to the promised land, where you are with only friends and family that are going to help you find your true purpose through encouragement, not doubt and games that you don’t want to play.

This is the true story of how you can only be great if you surround yourself with those real humans, not the fake alien-type people that seem to be on their own selfish planet that is not a good place to be at all. Staying away from the television helps too as that just adds to your anxiousness, rather than hanging out with kind people who smile and ride the wave of life with a chilled mindset.

My Kinda People‘ from the passionate Pittsburgh-based singer AJ Raggs, is a feel-good song for any day, any month or any year. He sings with that self-aware tone that has you locked in gently to his message of finding your real team. Being with people that don’t get you is bad for your soul anyway.

See this YouTube video here and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen