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Don’t Get Too High: Andy Quick manages to block out the distractions on the visuals for ‘Ninety Nine’

With a barrage of challenges to deal with as he merely tries to keep in shape, Andy Quick shows us that it is indeed possible to push down the walls and breakthrough into that peaceful place with his entertaining new single ‘Ninety Nine‘.

Andy Quick is a much-loved and award-winning Plymouth, England-based indie singer-songwriter who is known throughout the UK for his wild live shows.

Showing us why he is so respected all over the land with his sincere edge and calming vocals, Andy Quick has a splendid style that is like no other and he is on top form here with a really likeable new single. You feel so might lighter on your feet after listening to a mightily skilled artist who only seems to delight your soul after each one of his much-awaited releases.

Ninety Nine‘ from the extraordinarily exhilarating Plymouth, England-based musician Andy Quick is one of those music videos you just want to watch again and again as it’s almost guaranteed to give you a gigantic smile across your dial. There is a real message here of keeping your cool when you could easily heat up and melt from all the stress in this rather peculiar world.

Hear this terrific new single on YouTube and see more via his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen