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Andy Blecher

Andy Blecher has released his multidecade-spanning folk single, ‘One’.

Indie pop-rock artist Andy Blecher has worn his Gordon Lightfoot influence on his tonal sleeve in his latest single, One. The single spans across genres and decades to bring you a timelessly enamouring soundscape filled with raw affable emotion.

The lo-fi yet chorally charming folk single pays lyrical old to the storytelling style of folk from the ’30s and 40s while instrumentally, the single will psychedelically send you back to the 70s with the kaleidoscopic melodies and nuances of surf-pop carried in the acoustic guitar progressions.

Reminiscences may be plentiful in One, but Andy Blecher didn’t fail to establish himself as an authentic radio-ready artist.

One is now available to stream via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast