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Andrew Machum Pulls At Nostalgic Heart Strings

When you first hear the gentle and silky tones of Nighttime Remembers, the first thought is generally along the lines of “wow, I didn’t realise that people made music like this anymore.” It is a song which drips with and older elegance, a nostalgic romance, like an old black and white movie from an earlier age or a fine wine retrieved from years in storage. It is balladic, cinematic, soothing and sensual.

Plaintive and emotive piano lines dance over subtle strings and guitars add the most tempting of musical motifs or lace gentle melodic lines through the song. Timeless perhaps but yet not dated, for all its allusion to a past pathos it is also very much a song which sounds part of the here and now, a mature creation which references the crooners, rat-packers and torch song singers of the past but which also sits very comfortably amongst the modern pop balladeers. Andrew Machum states that he doesn’t want to define himself as an artist, but if he did then a career as a 50’s inspired jazz-pop sensation is just around the corner.