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And You’re?

Nice To Meet Ya: Philly’s MIKEBROWN introduces himself to the world on freshly cut visuals for ‘And You’re?’

With his mood feeling real tight and his flow bringing shooting stars all night, MIKEBROWN lays it all on the line with a statement of intent for the ages, via his premium second single release ‘And You’re?‘.

MIKEBROWN is a confident new Philadelphia, Pennsylvania RnB singer/hip-hop emcee with style points that swoosh the three every time, as he opens the door to new beginnings and shows us what the future sounds like.

He sings with an engrossing style which shows you he knows that he’d better take advantage of this position right now, before it all goes away in a blink of an eye. The industry can swallow you up and chuck you out before you have even had time to eat properly, so its best to grab that knife n fork, and carve away on those new tracks quick.

Taken off his debut album called — ‘The Show Must Go On‘ — ‘And You’re?‘ from polished US artist MIKEBROWN is the enthralling story about feeling ready and knowing that this is it. The time for letting others drag you down is over and she will have to call back for that late night action another time, as he has places to be with the same team from back in the day.

We are witnessing a new voice shine through in a stale genre, that needs a talented artist like this to shake things up Philly style.

See this freshly-made music video on YouTube and check out his IG for more visuals.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen