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And Then There Were Two

Like A Damaged Bird: The Immaculate Crows drifts down that lonesome road on Broken Heart

Broken Heart by The Immaculate Crows

Featuring Nicky Steel on vocals and taken from the upcoming and much-awaited debut album And Then There Were Two, The Immaculate Crows shows us into that anguish and pain that rumbles through the doomed sea of darkness on Broken Heart.

The Immaculate Crows is a Brisbane, Australia-based alternative collective who was formed by the prolific Bruce Neilsen back in the 80s.

”’Broken Heart’ is about breaking up, feeling despair and loss, but ends with a message about moving on, regardless. I think this will be a Country Classic in time.” ~ Bruce from The Immaculate Crows 

With a beautiful anthem featuring calmingly beautiful vocals and a soundtrack that has clearly been made with so much love, The Immaculate Crows guides us into a reflective story that shall induce a few tears down your cheeks. Filled with grace and elegance in droves, this is a special single that will take you on an emotional rollercoaster to remember forever.

Broken Heart from Brisbane, Australia-based alternative collective outfit The Immaculate Crows is a timeless track that will put you into a different mind frame altogether. There is a world class quality on offer that will stretch your heart and then somehow make it all better again. That is the power of music made with love, you see.

Tune into this excellent single on Bandcamp and follow their story on Bruce’s IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen