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Long Island RnB artist Amornay seduces our senses awake with her romantic call to action, ‘You Want Me’

With an alluring blend of vocal beauty to open up your mind to the romantic possibilities that are ready for action, Amornay is on top form with a love letter that can’t possibly be ignored with, ‘You Want Me‘.

Anaysha Robinson aka Amornay is an emerging Long Island, New York, USA-based indie RnB solo artist and actress who makes a lovable combination of body-tingling vibrations to lather inside.

Using an authentic and creative approach to breaking herself as a new artist.” ~ Amornay

Amornay has the kind of voice that has your stomach breathing butterflies – as there is so much sexy energy on offer – that will bring unforeseen smiles to your whole soul. With a story about wondering why your ideal lover curiously hates that they love you, this is a single that might resonate with those who have perhaps fallen in love with the wrong person.

You Want Me‘ from Long Island, New York-based indie RnB solo artist and actress Amornay is a sizzling song that will get your heart rate up to sensational levels of fascination. Her lyrics are honest and her vocal tremendously captivating, as her ravishing style takes you into this candle-lit moment that might steam up your ears.

When you know that someone you like is into you, anything is actually possible if you feel the same and can keep the connection alive despite their doubts.

Listen up to this stimulating new release on Spotify and check out the IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen