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That Tasty Vintage: An Ocean Away crash wonderfully into our hearts with ‘Airwaves’

With that soaring summer sound that birds fly high to, An Ocean Away take our minds to the potential of today with the breeze-filled new single ‘Airwaves‘.

Absorbing England-based Neo 70’s alt-rock duo act An Ocean Away, stream into our soundscape waterfall of hope, with a sumptuous song that warms the earlobes, as it fills you up with a special taste that certainly satisfies the soul like a gourmet meal should.

Featuring a fascinating assortment of vintage guitars, synthesizers and multi-part harmony vocal sessions that will have you captivated, this is a music effort that has that old school charm that never seems to wear off, no matter how many washes its had.

This is the story of looking up and never down. There is so much to be positive about and if you can open up your mind, anything is really possible. The world has been stagnant but the journey now is all about going with the wind, taking it minute by minute, as you flow upwards for miles and miles, until you find that place you just know feels right when you arrive.

Airwaves‘ from English Neo-rock two-piece An Ocean Away, is a song that takes you back the good days of the 70’s, as they morph a sound that has that vintage feel that is a cozy listen, no matter what the surroundings are around you.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen