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The Stars Are The Moon: Children of Minerva bring so much calm away from the daily winds on ‘Ode to a Poetess in Shades of Green’

Ode to a Poetess in Shades of Green (Single Version) by Children of Minerva

From their forthcoming album ‘Nec Forma Est Verum‘ which translates to But neither form in Latin, Children of Minerva¬†tell us the sweet story of a talented female poet with ‘Ode to a Poetess in Shades of Green‘.

Children of Minerva is a nostalgic New York and Portland-based indie pop-rock duo. They make that old school style of music which has you thinking back to the simpler days, which has you appreciating their admirable vintage feel.

After taking folk-rock as far as he could, Mick Cantone forged a collaboration with Portland-based lyricist Amy Green and wrote songs that show his ardent passion for psychedelic baroque pop/rock.” – Children of Minerva

His voice is mature and warm, as her lyrics are peaceful and made with an energy which takes you back to your childhood somehow. This is the type of song that young and old can enjoy, its meaning is for all to see and it only intended to have your mind pure again, after so much hardship.

Ode to a Poetess in Shades of Green‘ from the NYC/Portland indie rock-pop duo Children of Minerva, is the story of a kind soul who made no demands, as she peacefully went about her day. This is a song that feels like it is from another generation, as its style is authentic and made with so much love.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen