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UK rapper Solum wonders if this romance is still alive or dead in the ashes with ‘Hurt Me’ (feat. Amorii)

As he lifts his dazed head up to see if the spark is still there or if his lover has vanished into the wind, Solum returns with an anthem for all those who have felt their heart shatter into a thousand pieces before with, ‘Hurt Me(feat. Amorii).

Solum is a 21-year-old UK-based emo rapper who makes that dynamic music that sends your perspective into a spin on each release.

Solum takes his inspiration mainly from Lil Peep, XXXTENTACION and Joji, blending in these styles to create his own unique form of music.” ~ Solum

Lifting the lid on feelings that are often swept under the carpet or not expressed at all, Solum opens the door and is at his honest best with a gritty single that will shock some but inspire so many others.

Hurt Me(feat. Amorii) from the UK-based indie emo rapper Solum, is a catchy single that is filled with that familiar sound that is loved by millions. He leads us into his mind as he shows us all the way in, to his perspective that wonders if he will actually love properly again. As the world grows more confusing and filled with so many options that are probably not needed, this is a reminder that staying inside your head for too long can actually damage your soul if you aren’t too careful.

Listen in to this deep track on Soundcloud and see more social energy on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen