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Ammon – Double Edged (Prod.pure): Rap and Hip-Hop taken to a whole other level

Rap and Hip-Hop artist Ammon has dropped a killer single ‘‘Double Edged’’ and it’s safe to say that it’s rap at it’s finest for sure.

Nowadays Rap like Pop can be such a generic genre, the way in which it sounds is just so similar, it’s a matter of what can the newer and more up and coming artists offer that would make them shine in the music industry especially in something like Rap, well it’s safe to say Ammon does not have to worry about that after listening to his track Double Edged.

Something that makes this track sound out is it doesn’t need much for it to be a hit, the vocal approach is fairly flat and has this dark and sad kind of feel to it like the voice is zoning out in a distorted way. It’s done in a way that makes Ammon so mesmerising to listen too, it’s not just your same old Rap track, it has this whole new energy one that needs to be recognised.

This single is pretty incredible and we are so excited to see what Ammon has planned for the rest of the year definitely check this one out, you won’t regret it!

Check out Ammons new single by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Karley Myall