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Dancing on Pluto – Ozone: The Americana Dream Folk Track You Never Knew You Needed

If you like your Alt Rock with an acoustic edge, Dancing on Pluto will bring you to an entirely new plateau with their Folkish Americana approach to sound. The progressive sensibility of their latest single Ozone from their 2018 EP Paradise Fahrenheit provides an organically textured soundscape which doesn’t fail to keep you enthralled with every twist and turn of the unpredictable sound.

Ozone transgresses from what would be your average Lo Fi acoustic rock track to a momentous anthem that somehow switches up to incorporate rap verses around guitar licks that stand in between the New Orleans sound and Jangle Pop whilst the off-beat rhythm guitar brings you back down to earth. With such a playful approach to their sound, it’s almost an inevitability that Dancing on Pluto will get the recognition that they deserve.

You can check out Dancing on Pluto’s sweet acoustic Americana anthem Ozone on SoundCloud now along with the rest of their raucously redolent 2018 EP Paradise Fahrenheit.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast