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Lucy Bullock owns her creative expression in her pop-rock earworm, ‘You’ll Find Out’.

Lucy Bullock

If you’ve never spent time contemplating how brave it is for artists to write love songs about people they know, pop-rock singer-songwriter Lucy Bullock’s debut single, ‘You’ll Find Out’, will allow you to do just that. With her boundlessly energetic delivery and unapologetically honest lyrics, ‘I’m not afraid to write a song about you’, it is impossible not to get wrapped up in this high vibe hit.

The choruses are catchy enough that you’ll practically feel the euphoria catch in your throat when the crescendos hit. You’ll Find Out is as quintessential as perennial pop earworms come. Yet, it is the raw soul infused in this single that allows it to stand so far apart from the rest, while the guitar solos make sure that rock isn’t a secondary element in this galvanizingly sweet release.

We can’t wait to watch her debut single climb the charts along with the rest of her debut EP that is due for release on June 1st.

Check out Lucy Bullock via her website or on Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Stella Reine bares all in her latest single ‘Who I Am’

American pop singer-songwriter, Stella Reine expressively bares it all in her latest single ‘Who I Am’. Kicking off with a tender and tentative prelude, Who I Am gently eases you into the phenomenally brave single which will show you the true meaning of being lyrically candid.

With angular reverb-laden guitar tones which are almost in the soul-clawing style of Slowdive, Stella Reine’s single doesn’t just boast mainstream appeal but appeal to true aficionados of music which is compelling and refreshing in equal measure.

Who I Am is the perfect introduction to this exceptionally magnetic artist who you’ll undoubtedly hear more about in the imminent future and far beyond.

Who I Am is available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast