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From the upcoming album Teatime With Conquer Worm, Headless Relatives release their single No Quarter

Teatime With Conqueror Worm by Headless Relatives

From the full-length project Teatime With Conqueror Worm coming out on May 29th, Headless Relatives release their single No Quarter.

If you had to guess what American Folk sounds like, Headless Relatives would surely be an unmistakable answer. With a bright acoustic guitar strumming throughout the song and a banjo melody in the background, No Quarter emulates a 60’s-styled pop culture feel that Bob Dylan developed with his politically active anthems.

The New York duo explores themes about death, loss and all things that end, as it is clear from the song lyrics that this is a story of a relationship that is slowly crumbling away. Throughout the verses, the words describe the different stages of an unattainable relationship as if fate was looming over this lovers’ “cold war”.

With No Quarter, Headless Relatives rank themselves as a stimulating effort of indie-folk with their profound and captivating storytelling.

You’ll have to wait a couple of weeks to hear more stories from the album, but in the meantime you can discover No Quarter on Bandcamp.

Review by Jim Esposito.