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Never Do You Wrong: Rumi drops lovetorn debut single Amelia

Showing so much calmness despite being let down so much by his ex-lover who showed her true colours via a voice message, Rumi has dropped a rather hot first track to get our moods into a hugely reflective place on Amelia.

Rumi is an emerging London-based afrobeats/afropop artist with a Nigerian heritage who has made a single to remember here as our hearts are flown into a moment that so many of us have felt rather intensely before.

This is a promising debut from Rumi who sings with deep meaning and heartfelt honesty about a moment which causes fragile souls to break in half.

Amelia from the exciting newcomer Rumi is a quite dynamic single which will change moods and take us back into a whole different world. There is raw emotion here which might get many to think twice about opening their heart, in a swipe-quick world which will ghost you in a nanosecond.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen