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Amba Tremain gets smooth, soulful, and heartfelt with new single ‘Honestly’

South Coast soulstress and Sofar Sounds regular Amba Tremain mixed R’n’B and jazzy soul on her brand new second single ‘Honestly’, an old school classic earworm of love, longing, and loss which showcases Tremain’s superb rich, soulful voice over shimmering guitar chords, echoey drums, and slow, grooving bass. It’s a perfect track to show off that timbre, the sparse instrumentation allowing plenty of space for Tremain’s vocal to sit front and centre, warm and powerful and wrapped around the music.

There’s obvious Motown influences in here – James Brown, Aretha, maybe a little Irma Franklin too, but there’s more contemporary parts too; Joss Stone, Amy Winehouse, Alicia Keys, or Beverly Knight. It’s sublime and beautiful, heartfelt and honest, and it bodes very well for Amba Tremain in 2021.

You can hear ‘Honestly’ on Spotify, and follow Amba Tremain on Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes

The incredible Kellindo shows us his solo chops with sun-gazing ”Summertime”

With a start so fresh you just want to keep it chilled in the freezer. The lead guitarist for singer Janelle Monae, steps up to the solo mic and sends through good time vibes to our hungry souls. This could be the summer anthem for all of those who need some motivation. Kellindo is here to build us up and his single ”Summertime” just heals everything.

With a 70’s vibe all over this track, lots of solos that last for ages in a truly beautiful manner, this is a happy kind of song that needs to be played all over the world.

A quality singer-songwriter himself, Kellindo shines on his new single ”Summertime”. The guitar skills are absolutely legendary, the way he creates sounds is such a pleasure to witness. I feel like he had a a lot of fun making this and just wants to help the world celebrate that good summer the right way. The beat is funky and I feel like I’m sitting on the beach, shades on, grooving away with a refreshment in my one hand and a big smile slapped all over my sun-kissed face. What a song.

Stream this excellent musician right here on his Spotify channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Gussie Miller – The Last Page: Tenderly Soulful Neo-Soul

Not many vocalists can contend with Mike Patton’s magnetically smooth vocals in Faith No More’s iconic track Easy. But up and coming RnB Soul artist Gussie Miller achieved it with discernible ease with their recently released single “The Last Page”.

The Last Page kicks off with a soft Jazzy prelude which introduces Gussie Miller’s almost whispered vocals, and there’s a steady build-up throughout the track, yet, it’s anything but a slow burner. The instrumentals may exude mellifluously rhythmic cathartic ambience, but you’ll be locked into the progressions all the same. With the tonal warmth in The Last Page, you might just feel as though you’re swimming in pools of nostalgic sepia once you hit play.

You can check out The Last Page for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

RnB Pop Artist Nepsa Has Made Her 2020 Debut with the Soulfully Smooth EP “Thinking I Know More”

Up and coming RnB Soul Pop artist Nepsa has made her 2020 debut with the emotively magnetic EP “Thinking I Know More” and revived a timeless sound with a brand-new contemporary style.

While each single stands as a testament to the artist’s dynamic talent, the best introduction to her sound is undoubtedly “Empty Handed (V2)”. There may be plenty of vocal melancholy projected into the mix. But the light EDM beats add playful layers of funk to ensure that listening to Empty Handed is an emotional yet ultimately uplifting experience.

There’s little room to wonder why so many RnB Soul fans have become enamoured by Nepsa’s smoothly cathartic yet futuristically captivating approach to the genre. Watch this space.

You can check out Empty Handed (V2) for yourselves along with the rest of Nepsa’s debut release via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast