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Visit the Citadel in Sentry’s latest future bass single

UK-based future bass and electronica producer, Sentry invited his listeners into the ‘Citadel’ in his latest emotionally-heightened single, taken from his upcoming project, The Anomaly, which is due to drop later this year.

Citing Quiet Bison, Porter Robinson and OBLVYN as his influences, the 22-year-old artist makes familiar progressive moves, but there’s a sublime equanimity to his production style between the big percussive breaks. Toeing the line between scene-setting ambience and visceral synthetics, Citadel is a ground-breaking hybrid that you are going to want to take for a spin time and time again.

Citadel is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Future bass fuses with classical in GASP’s ethereal electronic single, Qualified.

Electronica artist and producer GASP has released his ethereal debut album, CHILL FOREST MIX, which takes aural escapism to a whole new level. The Tampa-based artist fused his love of future bass, funk and classical into the ambiently explorative works that are quite literally a breath of fresh air for their embodiments of nature.

The standout single, Qualified, sets itself leagues apart from the predictable dystopic tracks that have flooded onto the airwaves recently. Qualified keeps its humanity and autonomy through the quiescent vocals which sporadically appear between the uniquely structured progressions. If you can imagine what Hozier would sound like if they became a ghost in the machine, you’ll get an idea of just how soulfully haunting the vocals are in Qualified. Instrumentally, it breaks a new aural boundary with every new evolution in sound.

Qualified is now available to stream with the rest of CHILL FOREST MIX via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast