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Bang beckoned his audience into a celestial utopia with his authentically orchestrated release, My Heaven

The South Asian-American Michigan-hailing artist Bang gave his audience a slice of heaven with his latest release, which seamlessly weaves his diverse musical heritage into a genre-defying masterpiece. Bang’s upbringing, enriched by classic Bollywood melodies and the pulsating beats of early 2000s hip-hop and pop, shines through in this unique fusion of sounds.

My Heaven stands as a testament to Bang’s skill as a songwriter and producer, showcasing his ability to create an auditory experience that transcends conventional genres. The track is an alchemy of folk, electronica, and dream pop, culminating in a sonic representation of utopia. Its title is aptly chosen, as listeners are invited into a celestial soundscape that is both ethereal and profoundly grounding.

Bang’s orchestrations are characterised by a unique aura that swells with soul. The track is imbued with honeyed vocal harmonies, commanding yet consoling, with hushed, sweet, and subtle timbres that envelop the listener in a comforting embrace.

The true brilliance of My Heaven lies in its ability to be both an intimate reflection of Bang’s personal journey and a universal solace. It speaks to the power of music to bridge cultures, experiences, and emotions. Bang’s diverse influences are not just mere footnotes in his music. They are the heartbeat that gives life to his sound.

My Heaven was officially released on November 29. Stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Neofix star rove in their alt ambient electronica single, Perseverance

What Elon Musk is to the tech world, Neofix is to the airwaves with their latest single, Perseverance. The entire beat is constructed by samples from Mars in the alt-indie electronica single, which is glazed in an interstellar sonic beguile.

With the positivity that shines through the lyrics as much as the effortlessly outreaching ethereal vocals, it finally feels like we’ve got a natural progression from Bowie that deserves to be equally as revered for their ingenuity.

Perseverance isn’t your average earworm, but the vocal hooks of “giving in is not the same of giving up” will linger for long after this ambiently unforgettable release has faded to a close.

If anyone is handing out awards for the best music video of 2022, Neofix deserves to pick them up for their video, which allows you to imagine what Morph would have looked like if the creators dropped acid before putting him into motion. You can check out the highly investable stop motion video, which premiered on March 11th, via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast