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Ernesto Nobili Melancholically Etched the Sweetest Ambient Neo-Classic Guitar Serenade with ‘Roma’

Ernesto Nobili

25 years as a composer, producer, and session musician, condensed into a poignantly ambient classical guitar score; Ernesto Nobili’s single, Roma, allows gentle tenacity to give way to intricately etched cinematic magnetism.

While I never thought I would hear a melancholia rival to Glen Hansard’s soundtrack to Once, the Italian composer took influence from the 60s and 70s Italian film to timelessly celebrate the style and soul of the breathtakingly romantic mise en scenes.

Throughout the entire duration, I found myself torn between the micro-expressions of ennui and the profound beauty within the instrumental piece. Nobili professes not to be a virtuoso, but I haven’t heard many guitarists out there with the same ability to pull emotion out of acoustic timbre quite so intuitively.

Check out Ernesto Nobili on SoundCloud, Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Future bass fuses with classical in GASP’s ethereal electronic single, Qualified.

Electronica artist and producer GASP has released his ethereal debut album, CHILL FOREST MIX, which takes aural escapism to a whole new level. The Tampa-based artist fused his love of future bass, funk and classical into the ambiently explorative works that are quite literally a breath of fresh air for their embodiments of nature.

The standout single, Qualified, sets itself leagues apart from the predictable dystopic tracks that have flooded onto the airwaves recently. Qualified keeps its humanity and autonomy through the quiescent vocals which sporadically appear between the uniquely structured progressions. If you can imagine what Hozier would sound like if they became a ghost in the machine, you’ll get an idea of just how soulfully haunting the vocals are in Qualified. Instrumentally, it breaks a new aural boundary with every new evolution in sound.

Qualified is now available to stream with the rest of CHILL FOREST MIX via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Lee Olivier-Hall – This is Only the Beginning: A Conceptually Profound Neo-Classic Account of Lockdown-Melancholy

Artist and composer Lee Olivier-Hall is set to release his most candid work to date. His EP ‘Moments in Sound’ was written during the pandemic as the film composer captured the emotional impact of uncertainty, fear and isolation.

The conceptual duplicity of the lead single, This is Only the Beginning, plays with our newly found pessimism and fear of beginnings as the tender ambient neo-classic keys reflect the fragility of our optimism. The use of spatial effect and instrumental minimalism is devastatingly profound as it mimics the hollow, vacuous nature of our new world.

Since graduating from BIMM London, the artist has primarily focused on composing for film, his experience scoring for film reflects in the visual nature of the four-track EP which is easily one of the most stunning accounts of lockdown melancholy.

This is Only the Beginning will be available to stream and purchase on all major platforms from June 4th. In the meantime, you can check out Lee Olivier-Hall via his website, Instagram or Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast