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The Real Shade – Ambient Americana meets indie folk

At a point where gentle and drifting Americana meets ambient folk music and discerning indie explorations hook up with the infectiousness of pop, you find The Real Shade and songs such as Moving Gaze. It is a wonderfully lyrical creation and as part of the album Horizon Diaries forms part of a musical montage which explores all aspects of our world. Accompanied by a video which follows a film makers documentation of the diversity of our world and the people in it, the song becomes a soundtrack for how amazing, disparate, poetic and amazing the human population is.


This is a song of subtleties and understatement, of deftly and lightly woven musical threads, it tips its hat very openly to European folk traditions as much as it does a more countrified origin, is both dream like and grounded, worldly and often otherworldly. That’s a lot to fit in to one song, especially considering how much space they leave in the song. Some songwriters can just make a good idea go a long way.