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Feeling fresh and ready: Amazayus is in the zone on ‘Austin Powers’ (Prod. Paryo)

Dallas, Texas artist Amazayus is back with his signature Alt-Rap style on his latest smooth single called ‘Austin Powers’ (Prod. Paryo).

The atmospheric air filters in fresh like a new humidifier that cleans the dust off the speakers and we are thrown into the story of a hungry man who wants to reach the top of his chosen career. His flow morphs quickly into reminding you of the new school feel of artists that can sing and rap at the same time.

The beat flourishes through like a shiny sports car and you can’t stop tapping your feet and wondering how this all sounds live at a massive festival. The driving energy is relentless and the vocals keeps you hooked like a hungry fisherman the whole way through this stylish journey.

This is about feeling in the zone and like the legendary ladies man with the proper English accent. You feel like you can speak to anyone and do anything you set your mind to. People you used to look up to are checking out your moves and right now you have the backing of the tight crew who have your back no matter what.

Austin Powers’ (Prod. Paryo) from Texas rapper Amazayus is a track to put on loud while you are cruising with that 420 blaze swag. This is the transporter-type feel when you imagine yourself in the 70’s and how those times must have been much simpler. This is a spark-filled track with lots to like and this is a trip that will motivate you to go for your goals and dress super fly while you dominate too.

Hear this via Spotify and find out more about this fast-rising artist via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen