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Remind Me: Andrew Akins almost gave up on the drive-filled I-25

From dreaming through that late night moon and drifting slowly through so many memories, Andrew Akins shows us the route through those Colorado mountains on I-25.

Andrew Akins is a 27-year-old Amarillo, Texas-based indie Americana solo singer-songwriter who makes that road trip music that will make you smile for hours.

He’s shared stages with modern poets such as Ryan Culwell, Natalie Schlabs and Charles Johnson, and even opened for lyrically-renowned heavy outfit Silent Planet.” ~ Andrew Akins

Lathered with a sensational layer of authenticity, Andrew Akins has cultivated a song that shall take you to back to a certain time in your life when you didn’t want something special to end.

I-25 from Amarillo, Texas-based indie Americana solo singer-songwriter Andrew Akins is a romance packed journey to finding the peace with two souls. Rich in love and caressed with an embrace to get things back on track, you will find a song to hold on tight with here. Vocally strong and backed up with a memorable ambience that shall lurk in your veins all night, this is a single to turn up as loud as possible.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen