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That’s What They Said: The Losers Club refuses to change for anyone on Going Nowhere (feat. AmaniDrums)

Waiting for the conversation to happen in the midst of a hardcore punky brilliance to stomp the ground with, The Losers Club have just dropped the universe something rather mesmerizing to stomp inside on Going Nowhere (feat. AmaniDrums).

The Losers Club is a Denver, Colorado-based indie alternative pop punk band that loves to spraypaint some heavy rock all over our amazed jawlines.

Reminding one of Blink 182 in their heyday, The Losers Club rifle into our minds with some aplomb and shall turn the temperature up. This is new-school punk at its best and might incur some damage on fragile speakers.

Going Nowhere (feat. AmaniDrums) from Denver, Colorado-based indie pop punk band The Losers Club is a rather impressive sword-like track from a group on the rise. They sound united and free, with a raw sound which will grab many hearts’ attention. Catchy and friendly to all ears, we find an underground act that just wants to make memorable music. Mission accomplished.

If you miss those Sum 41 days, this is for you.

Listen up on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen