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If It Bothers You: Alien Al and the Juperoids ride inside the hot beat on Queer Anthem

Wondering what the vibe is and mounting the ride just at the right time, Alien Al and the Juperoids open up our minds with the authentic single which will make many eager and others totally flabbergasted with the Queer Anthem.

Alien Al and the Juperoids is a high-tempo indie pop/electronic band that loves to take charge of the moment and make some delightfully punchy and fun music to hold hands with during those frigid nights.

Known best for their massive debut single called Probe, Alien Al and the Juperoids are in shirt-tearing form and shall startle many birds with this exhilarating anthem for those who are looking for new heroes to believe in. Conducted by their fearless leader Alyx Nazir, this is a stomach healing track to munch on rather merrily.

Queer Anthem from the thrilling pop/electronic band Alien Al and the Juperoids is the kind of song that could inspire anxious humans to express themselves. In a world that often judges without knowledge, this is a reminder that music with substance is always welcome.

Hear this proud new single on YouTube.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen