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Always Tempted By the Vice

A.D.Smithh sings about the thoughts of ‘Always Tempted By the Vice’

A.D.Smithh sings about the thoughts of ‘Always Tempted By the Vice‘, a real indie rock journey that shows us what can happen in life.

You are so tempted to do something that you perhaps shouldn’t. Things aren’t going to well and you feel cold inside and sad. Things haven’t gone quite to plan in 2020 and you have had enough. You know you will hurt the people that you leave behind but perhaps this is for the best. Which path will you choose?

With a grungy rock entry, the guitar is in full swing here. The vocals are a bit lower than usual as the mood is ominous, you feel the passion and pain here. This is real music that you can immerse in, this is the type of music for the those late nights on the weekends. You understand the song but perhaps wouldn’t do the same thing. This is music to relate to.

A.D.Smithh sings well here on the awesome message from ‘Always Tempted By the Vice‘. Temptations are out there but you know what is right and wrong.

Watch the video here.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen