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The Rebel Kicks – The Life + Times of An Unpopular Girl: Pure Genius Bottled!

So, erm…..after listening to this for the sixth time, making sure it isn’t a trick of the mind or ear, and confirming that the track really is that good, the Best Tune Of The Year has to go to these guys! There are songs that get into your head and you want them gone but this a most welcome ear worm. Live and thrive, little worm. You are loved!

The Rebel Kicks really know how to a write bloody good tune and “The Life + Times Of An Unpopular Girl” is no different. Weirdly, you want to be her. Without giving a monkeys how unpopular she is, you want The Rebel Kicks to be singing about you! Aside from the fact that the two lead singers – brothers no less – are very, very easy on the eye, this song writing team have come up with a winning secret sauce that is sure to skyrocket them to very top.

Critically thinking, IT could be the fabulous, clean vocals or magnificently catchy hook. IT could be the tight musicianship and deep funk, full bodied beat. Whatever IT is, these guys have IT!

Sound too good to be true? Check them out for yourself here at Soundcloud and let us know what you think.