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Blowing My Own Trumpet redefined the landscape of protest music with their world music single, Sama Rainbow

Sama Rainbow by Blowing My Own Trumpet

Blowing My Own Trumpet’s latest single, “Sama Rainbow,” is a striking blend of vibrant world music and poignant political commentary. The track is a rich tapestry of Latin and African rhythms, infused with the soulful essence of jazz. This musical family, led by Claude and Josephine Lamon, along with Joe Dorstal and Mattie James, has crafted a piece that is as thought-provoking as it is rhythmically exhilarating.

From the first note, “Sama Rainbow” immerses the listener in a world where the joyous beats of Africa and Latin America collide. The instrumentation is a kaleidoscope of sound, with each note painting a picture of vibrant landscapes. However, beneath this bright exterior lies a narrative of deep sorrow and frustration towards the political turmoil that taints the beauty of Africa.

The lyrics, poignant and direct, speak of the enduring pain caused by political corruption in Africa. Phrases like “Politicians still playing their games” and “Help save the broken Rainbow” are powerful calls to action, urging listeners to acknowledge and address the ongoing struggles.

What makes “Sama Rainbow” particularly compelling is its ability to balance the beauty of its musical composition with the gravity of its message. The track doesn’t just lament the state of affairs; it also offers a sense of hope and resilience. The final verses, “There are colours in the Rainbow / We have saved the broken Rainbow,” suggests a future where unity and justice might prevail.

In essence, “Sama Rainbow” is a powerful statement on the state of our world, wrapped in a melody that captivates and moves. It’s a reminder that music can be a tool for change, echoing the struggles and hopes of people across the globe.

Sama Rainbow is now available to stream and purchase via Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Galway ’s Maria Shiel Releases ‘Call Home’

Of course, what other place have we to call right back at when it’s hard to find those little lights that light up the pathway of life during our darkest days? Maria Shiel, a songstress who’s currently signed to KYO music record label made sure that this one sinks right in.

Dublin’s very own; Maria, bared it all out on this song as she poured out her heart to every line in this her new single “Call Home”, this fact is frantically evident in the way she perfectly pitched each line of this song.

The strings of the guitar like a lover’s tender touch that melts a frosty heart in a bad summer night, the enthralling melody of the song that’s capable of taking two lovers to another world, the sweet harmonized upbeat that keeps the tempo of two hearts in sync and entwined, the reminiscing of the shared memories that resonates from the first day when the light ignited by love’s spark and the free happy spirit this song brings to its listener is the reason why I find this masterpiece by Maria enjoyable and awesome.

From start to the last minute of this song there was never a dull moment experienced and this proves how good of a songwriter and singer the artist is.

Maria’s authenticity could be felt all the way to the rafters. This is the type of song you’ll not easily get tired of. It can only get better from this point and I really hope that Maria will continue to give lovers more song like this that will always magnify the true reflection of their love.

-Lilian- Debrah.