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”Corporate Anthem” by New York’s George Sarpola is trippy ride to space island

Fugue State by George Sarpola

George Sarpola is a freelance musician, drummer and educator in New York City. He makes different music. I call it Sarpola. I feel like this was made in a planet very far away and transported here somehow. When you turn this up it feels like you are in a tv game and you have no control.

George is one talented guy. Currently a member of the bands Kaptive and Bother, he has performed throughout the USA with various rock and pop groups, orchestras, concert bands and jazz groups. Quite a creative isn’t he?

Corporate Anthem” from George Sarpola is such a different experience. Taken off his new album ”Fugue State”. he is such a ground-breaker with his music and blends so many instruments and samples that gives me so many different emotions. I feel a bit paranoid at times as I wonder if I’m actually real. This has to be music for a video game or movie, its that good. Somehow I get the feeling that George is telling us not to be robots and instead breakout and live our own lives, away from the mainstream. This music won’t be everyone’s cup of team but it will intrigue and blow your mind.

Click on the Bandcamp link to hear all of this ground-breaking artist’s music and treat your soul.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Kenta Insense – Turntable: Blissfully Sun-Soaked Jazz-Infused Instrumental Hip Hop

For many, Summer 2020 may feel cancelled. Yet, as long as we have blissfully sun-soaked vibing mixes such as Kenta Insense’s recently released single “Turntable”, it’s impossible to feel totally pessimistic about the season.

The Brooklyn-based DJ and producer prepared an indulgent cocktail of transcendence with Turntable. There’s a vitality amidst the ambience of the soundscape and effortless ease within the structure of the naturally flowing mix which you will definitely want to add to your playlists to get a repeat dose of tranquillity.

You can check out Kenta Insense’s latest single Turntable along with their other recent releases for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Defragz – Cold Winter featuring Messinian: Entrancingly Caustic EDM Trap

With Rap bars which make Xzibit sound positively harmonic and driving bass-soaked beats which will give your headphones a run for their money, Defragz latest track Cold Winter featuring Messinian is an intensely arrestive unmissable feat of EDM Trap.

Despite the fiercely pulsating infusion of bass, locking into the rhythm of this harsh caustic Dubstep track is all too easy. The entrancing mix hooks you in through a melodic Hip Hop prelude before amping up the insanity in this monster of a drop. From there on out, you’re at the mercy of Defragz’s devilish ingenuity.

Cold Winter may be a fairly savage mix, but Defragz infused plenty of euphoric connectable soul, and that’s just one of the alchemic ways he offered authenticity through this deftly polished track.

You can check out Defragz’s latest single which was released on March 20th through Bass Collective Records yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Chris Register – Out of Breath: Eccentrically Expressive Sticky Sweet Trap

Anyone who appreciates their Hip Hop on the more alternative side will definitely want to pay attention to up and coming Rap artist Chris Register’s latest single “Out of Breath”.

Experimentalism and expression are the essence of Out of Breath.

There may be aural quantum leaps in terms of style, momentum and tone which will throw you away from the arrestive melodies, but it’s all too easy to find your footing in Chris Register’s nuancedly smooth flow once more.

This sticky-sweet Trap hit may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But if undiluted, playful ingenuity is your bag, you won’t need to think twice when it comes to adding Out of Breath to your playlists.

You can check out Chris Register’s single Out of Breath for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Boris Massot Ft. EMRO – Disconnected Lines: Unadulterated EDM Hip Hop Catharsis

Alt Electronica Hip Hop artist and producer Boris Massot has followed on from their sensational debut “Running Out of Time” with their equally as resounding second single “Disconnected Lines”. This time, they teamed up with EMRO to create meltingly experimental RnB Trap mix which will undoubtedly amplify the hype surrounding them.

The concordant wavy grooves in Disconnected Lines prove just how disarmingly arrestive Hip Hop can be under the right production. While the constant vocal switch-ups keep the mix fresh from the first verse to the last. If you’re always on the lookout for cathartic Hip Hop which still comes with plenty of bite, you’ll strike gold with Disconnected lines.

You can check out Disconnected Lines for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Illegal NoiZe – Keep it Trill: Darkly Phantasmal Electronic Hip Hop

When it comes to dark Electronic Instrumental Hip Hop, no one quite beats the ominously captivating tones of Illegal NoiZe. Their recently released single “Keep it Trill” is just one of the hauntedly fresh singles which you will find on their debut album “The Black Album 2”.

Instead of producing a lucid Dreamwave soundscape, they’ve used their experimentalism to take you on a journey of chillingly atmospheric aural alchemy in Keep it Trill. Spooky season is over for this year but Keep it Trill is a chilling mix which will keep on giving. It may be a downtempo track, but there’s little chance your attention will falter from the dystopian single.

You can check out Illegal NoiZe’s single Keep it Trill along with the rest of their album via Spotify

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Kin Leyon – It’s My Fault: Boundary-Pushing Alt Hip Hop

If you’re always on the hunt for inventive genre-mashing melodies, your need for experimentalism will definitely be sated by California-based artist Kin Leyon’s latest single “It’s My Fault”.

Kin Leyon may be relatively fresh from their inception, but they’re already becoming increasingly renowned for their ability to offer un-archetypal anthemic hits. While I’m no stranger to carnivalesque music, it’s safe to say I’ve never heard the chaos of the furling progressions within Alt Hip Hop before.

I don’t like to throw around the term genius a lot, but this indulgent mix which merges together elements of Indie, Hip Hop, Alt Rock, Electronica and Jazz, definitely makes Kin Leyon worthy of the accolade. Because despite the experimental approach to It’s My Fault, it’s infectiously immersive, and it won’t fail to leave a persistent earworm lingering.

You can check out Kin Leyon’s single for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Coskun – Prone: Transiently Visceral Experimental Hip Hop

Prone is one of the latest singles released by the globally inspired experimental Hip Hop artist Coskun. There’s so much fluidity packed into the progression of the track, by the time the mix fades out, you’re left a little bit drenched.

The instrumental mix needs no vocals to pour emotion into single, the digital drops and hooks in Prone are more than enough to immerse you in the bass-heavy momentum of the track which is filled with exotic allure around the funk of the EDM beats. Infected Mushroom fans will absolutely adore the vibrant crashing waves of the mix.

Prone was released on August 13th through Lm8 Records, you can check out the transiently visceral single yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now. While you’re there, check out which other genre’s the producer has turned his deft hands to.

Review by Amelia Vandergast