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The wait is over as UK alternative electronic artist Oli Gosh joins forces with London based producer Naive Machine to drop their highly anticipated Techno influenced EP SILVA.

Oli Gosh started out as an actress. Following completion of her training in RADA, she began taking such acting roles as Juliet in the Shakespeare classic, Romeo and Juliet and Dirty Dancing in the west end.

Owing to the fact that she had always been passionate about music, she’d take up her guitar and go jamming during quiet periods. In no time, she became seriously involved in a band with her brother and friends, it was at that moment she switched career, and chose music over acting.

Oli Gosh who claims she felt so alive and at home for the first time in her life while on the Dancefloor of Amnesia in Ibiza, where she discovered Techno music, decided to embrace the genre and create music along that path.

Soon enough she began writing and performing with Danglo, a south east London act. She then met with Naive Machine, and they worked tirelessly to create the EDM masterpiece SILVA which was released on the 14th of May.

The EP has Oli Gosh passionately sing from deep within over a Naive Machine’s impressive analogue synth based multi-layered production. Her ethereal voice on the EP is distinct, majestic and startlingly emotive as it goes smoothly over her collaborator and producer’s orchestra of synths.

Featuring a dark pulsing intensity layered over a heart of flamenco stamenco samples, the first track on the EP SILVA is a metaphor for the mercurial mix of love, lust, passion and pain that one longs and dreads to experience.

No kidding, this is an EP you should listen to if you’re a fan of electronic dance music. The EP is available for streaming on Spotify. Go check it out on here

SILVA is the debut album from Oli Gosh, and she assures fans of the fact that more breathtaking releases are underway to follow throughout the year.