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Alt R&B Newcomer JST DAVID Releases Debut Album SNACKS

Bringing the real world into the music world, JST David recently dropped his debut album which he titled “Snacks”. The album “SNACKS” was written to mark JST DAVID’s embarkment on a journey of  liberation of no longer agreeing to conform to the status quo and fighting to retain a unique sense of imagination.

The songs in the album are characterised by a haunting, soft, and dreamy vibe from beginning to end, this album explores a multitude of sounds and genres, leaving an impression of escaping an altered reality.

Featuring a smooth vocal delivery, earnest and poetic lyricism and an original authentic production aspects, the release provides a seamless narrative captivating the listener.

The album’s intro started off with a sprawling little talks, and thereafter a new turn was taken by the instruments and hazy drones which set the tone for the remaining songs in the album.

Apart from the bouncier tracks, there are also cool tracks in the album that played with psychedelic elements of ample guitar riffs.

JST David’s ‘SNACKS’ is an exceptional timeless classic. The overall effect is a truly hypnotizing one, a perfect record.