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Speaking up on mental health: French alt-metal band ODC roar in with the demon-destroyer ‘I Don’t Know You’

Headed up by lead singer Celia Do, ODC fire their way to our hearts with lots of heavy 8 string guitars, fast-paced electronic sounds and moody melodic vocals that will leave you feeling inspired again.

The electric shock of a start is like a medic doing CPR on a passed out patient. You will feel almost breathless and a few sips of fluid will be needed.

This is all about trying your best to stay above water during this horrific time as the world bends into an unrealistic Rick & Morty type of world that was unimaginable a few years ago. There are so many temptations out there to hold onto and some are good but so many more are bad for you, and only sinks you further into the sinkhole of the downward spiral.

Her voice is so powerful and the spectacular synergy is forcefully dynamic; you can see the sparks flying off the guitar strings. The vocals are lit with a fuse and these make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up to attention as she weaves her way with her band’s full backing.

ODC speak up about real issues which are an admirable characteristic in anyone’s book. ‘I Don’t Know You’ is about wanting to know yourself again and what your dreams and goals really are. In a world full of mistrust and innuendos, the French alt-metal outfit pull the blanket off the self-doubt and show us that it’s okay to feel pain. If you talk about it and ask for help, there will be a kind face to help you no matter what. You can destroy your demons if you believe you can.

Turn the voltage up on the Spotify link and find out more via the band’s IG and Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Heavy Metal Rockers Six Feet To Salvation rips out with powerful ”Take It Away”

Six Feet To Salvation is an Alt-Rock and Heavy Metal band straight outta of Fort Wayne in Indiana. The band combine the hard hitting riffs of metal with the energy of punk, Six Feet to Salvation certainly bring a unique sound to the crowded US rock music scene.

Take It Away” is a high-energy swing for the fences and the band really grips on hard here. This is a smashing single that pushes the boundaries here. Indiana’s Six Feet To Salvation are a band that appeal to so many different fans due to their punk, metal and alt rock influences. They give 100% effort and mix in the new and old school.

Influenced by God Smack, Green Day, Blink 182, Bullet For My Valentine and Avenged Sevenfold, Six Feet To Salvation are a terrific band with a massive future. We look forward to more music from the Fort Wayne act who rock out with ”Take It Away”.

Stream this new track via the Soundcloud page.

Head through to Facebook for more info on live shows.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Icarus has released their aural juggernaut of an Alt Metal EP “Bleeding Out”

Breaking Alt Metal 5-piece Icarus cooked up a cataclysmic storm with their debut EP “Undivided Attention”.

Rather than trying to find their sound within the constraints of a metal sub-genre, you’ll find everything from Thrash to Hardcore Punk to Groove Metal to Nu Metal in the four blisteringly mind-bending tracks.

Each track is an aural juggernaut which will demand repeat attention at max volume. Track 1 “Bleeding Out” is the best introduction to Icarus’ expansive sound. Their sound may be heavy, dark and brutal, but you’ll still be able to expect massive choruses and sharp lyrical hooks in the high-octane super-charged Metal perennial earworm.

The gutturally fierce vocals use a clear enough diction to enable the angst-driven lyrics to resonate in a way in which could unite fans of punk pioneers Napalm Death and fans of Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes alike. If Download 2020 was going ahead, Icarus would deserve a mainstage spot.

You can check out Icarus’ EP for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

8udDha bl0od – D3Af 50ng… CrAzZzY2K 83A7… fR3AKy pHr!DAY

If you missed out on breaking Brighton artist 8udDha bl0od’s frenetically fiery feat of Alt Psych Rock, it’s our pleasure to introduce the sonically chaotic single “D3Af 50ng… CrAzZzY2K 83A7… fR3AKy pHr!DAY”.

If you could imagine what would happen if the Strokes, Marilyn Manson, and Pavement collaborated on a record together, you may be able to have an idea of what awaits you when you hit play on D3Af 50ng… CrAzZzY2K 83A7… fR3AKy pHr!DAY.

Even though there’s a sense of disorder in the punchy single which blends elements of Psych Pop, Indie, Grunge, Garage Rock, and Metal, 8udDha bl0od deftly pulled it together and made the track an aural whirlwind you don’t mind being at the mercy of. I can only imagine how high-octane a live rendition of this track would be.

You can check out 8udDha bl0od’s single D3Af 50ng… CrAzZzY2K 83A7… fR3AKy pHr!DAY via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Dean Angelo Lazzara – Generation Dreamer: Expressive Riff-Laden Up-Vibe Alt Garage Rock

If you can let Dean Angelo Lazzara’s single “Generation Dreamer” crash to a close without being warmed by the expressive riff-led endearing defiance it contains, you might want to check if your soul is still functioning.

Any fans of Eagles of Death Metal are sure to instantaneously appreciate Dean Angelo Lazzara’s sunny approach to Rock which strips away the tough exterior and offers an anthem to unite the ‘dreamer generation’.

You can see Generation Dreamer as Dean Angelo Lazzara’s deftly mastered way of saying ‘Okay Boomer’. There’s already enough hate lingering in the atmosphere. So, instead of adding to it, the upbeat hit unifies through resonance instead of anger. If there’s anything that the world needs more of right now, it’s artists like Dean Angelo Lazzara who are ready to spill their vibrant optimism and serve reminders to not let existentialism consume you.

The sticky-sweet choruses carry the perfect amount of Psych colour. And the James Dean Bradfield-style chomping guitar riffs ensured that no matter how playful the single is, it’s still an aural force to be reckoned with.

You can check out Generation Dreamer for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

| H O R L A | – Into the Void: Manchester-Based Atmospherically Mesmerising Alt Rock

Up and coming Manchester-based Alt Rock artist| H O R L A | made their debut release on April 13th with their single “Into the Void”. Instead of being driven to assimilate any former Manchester sound, they strove to test the boundaries of a plethora of genres, pushing guitar-led music further into the future.

Starting off with a Post-Punk style prelude which will make any fans of the Editors prick up their ears, the track soon progresses into a doomy, swampy mix of crashing guitars all exuding the perfect amount of energy to bleed into the anthemic grips of Into the Void.

With each seamless transgression of sound, you’re left to appreciate the prodigal vision behind Into the Void. For a single to deliver ambiance alongside an irresistible offering of ominous tonality and piercingly sharp metal in one arrangement is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

You can check out Into the Void for yourselves by heading over to Soundcloud now.

Keep up to date with their latest releases and news via Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Seven Days Rest – Sulfurous Air: Progressively Raw Alt Metal

Mariposa by Seven Days Rest

Sulfurous Air is one of the progressively twisted latest singles from the Alt Metal powerhouse Seven Days Rest. The New Mexico-based act have recently released their 2018 album ‘Mariposa’ which is sure to please even the most elitist of Metal-inclined audiophiles. From start to finish you’re treated to raw, unrestrained energy with the angst from the vocals sitting alongside the harmony of the instrumentals sweeping through the progression. Seven Days Rest have created one of those rare cathartically angry tracks with Sulfurous Air, the lyrics aren’t lost beyond the guttural screams, but my God, the vocalist has a scream which easily matches Corey Taylor.

Whilst the prelude to the track may come with the impending doom that you’re about to listen to another up and coming band which sound strangely familiar to Korn, the progressive style of Sulfurous Air has you questioning each seamless twist up until the track comes to an unpredictable close.

You can check out Seven Days Rest’s single Sulfurous Air by heading over to BandCamp.

Review by Amelia Vanderast