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Messy Mike – Things Are Crazy: An Alt-Indie Remedy to the Malady of Modernity.

Messy Mike used the cinematic sheen of neo-doo-wop to add transcendent melodic ascendence to his vintage-toned alt-indie rock allegory of how darkness permeates the psyches of us all – regardless of how hard we endeavour to push away the shadows of ennui.

Things Are Crazy goes beyond unravelling as a sonic sign of the times, the kaleidoscopically colourful release that will be a hit with any fans of The Strokes goes one strident step further to deliver vindication and salvation in the same rhythmic breath.

Regardless of how much we know that this dystopia dogs us all, that doesn’t get in the way of bringing our sanity into question; if you can relate, Things Are Crazy will give you all the answers you’re looking for; sift through the layered instrumentals, gentle acoustics and sweeping organs and hone in on the soulfully caressing vocal lines for a remedy to the malady of modernity.

Stream Things Are Crazy on Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Suni blended harmony, hope and heartbreak in his alt-indie dreamscape, Cherry

Suni’s sophomore single, Cherry, captivates with a cathartically melodious blend of dream pop, ethereal trip-hop, and 8Bit-esque synthpop, marking a distinct evolution from his debut single, At the heart of things, moving beyond the nostalgia of Elliott Smith and the influence of The 1975, into a realm uniquely his own.

In Cherry, the Edinburgh-hailing artist crafted a soundscape that reaches the epitome of mellow intricacy. The track synthesises its influences without becoming a mere pastiche, showcasing Steven’s skill in blending genres. The instrumental layers are a rich, future-forward tapestry; there’s an 8Bit charm which twines with sophisticated, ethereal synths, creating a backdrop that’s both nostalgically retro and cutting-edge.

The vocal harmonies are a standout feature. Light yet laden with emotion, his voice weaves through the Cigarettes After Sex-esque production, delivering lyrics that explore the complexities of affection and self-identity; it’s a lyrical journey that is fated to resonate with listeners, encouraging authenticity and introspection.

As he continues to evolve and refine his musical identity, Suni is far from a work in progress, he is already one to watch in the alt-indie-pop scene.

Cherry fell from the tree and onto the airwaves on February 23rd; stream the single on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Ava Valianti Became a Matchless Entity in the Music Industry with Her Turbulently Fervent Single, Middle Ground

Ava Valianti set the bar plateau-high with her debut single, Bubble Wrap; with her sophomore release, Middle Ground, the Massachusetts-residing singer-songwriter exhibited how honed her evocative approach to song crafting has become.

The striking tour de force starts with piano keys that would be right at home on a Radiohead LP or the Westworld soundtrack before the instrumental arrangement builds into a synthesis of moodily turbulent electronica and ornate orchestral motifs to reflect the disquietness of emotional upheaval.

The lyrical refrain of “I’m a broken record but at least I’m playing, music blaring louder than the pain” within the monumentally progressive release is a testament to how easily Ava Valianti reached the epitome of affecting alchemy.

Her vocal lines become an anchor in the instrumental storm and fervently resound through her artistic authenticity and determination to pour visceralism into every note of the intensely augmented release. She’s a matchless entity in the music industry, it’s only a matter of time before she ascends through the charts if she keeps producing tracks in the same phenomenal vein as Middle Ground.

Middle Ground will hit all major streaming platforms, including Spotify, on February 23rd.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Olen Filipe – Home 17: Authentically Augmented Indie Pop

Swiss-based Portuguese artist Olen Filipe’s latest alt-indie-pop single, Home 17, is a firestorm of evocative momentum, alchemised through a stridently lush blend of introspection, innovation, and unflinching soul.

The exposition of the complexities of love and self-discovery is guided by Filipe’s tender vocals and mapped with his candour-fuelled lyrics which transpose aching emotion into nuanced storytelling. The stylised and authentically augmented production ensures that the only thing that’s raw about Home 17 is the visceralism within the expression, which has earned the singer-songwriter a devoted following since his debut.

Filipe’s subtle harmonies leave a profound impact as they juxtapose the oceanic evocative nature of the release, which echoes the pain inflicted by self-conflict. There’s no understating the affecting nature of the production as it simultaneously stirs and comforts your soul.

Influenced by artists like Bon Iver and Neil Frances, Filipe stands out with his distinct sound in Home 17, which stands as a testament to his commitment to crafting music that not only resonates with listeners but also invites them on a passionate, introspective journey.

Home 17 was officially released on February 9th; stream the single on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Etherdene filtered her latest indie dream pop release ‘You Are My World’ through rose-tinted lenses.

In her ethereal alt-indie pop single, You Are My Word, Etherdene captured the transcendence of someone walking into your life and completely redefining reality around the light and colour they use to infuse your perceptions with renewed vibrance. To ground the track in realism, Etherdene used the all-too-relatable fear of rose-tinted glasses being shattered under the realisation of lack of reciprocation.

The ever-ascending melodies within the ardent yet sublimely tender track amplify the sticky-sweet romanticism drifting through the lyricism. Far from your average head-over-heels hit, You Are My World will leave you on a plateau, constructed by tentatively pure poetry which cohesively coalesces with the dreamy melodies that will easily be placed on any playlists featuring Cigarettes After Sex, Sigur Ros, and Beach House.

With over 10k monthly listeners behind her, Etherdene’s trajectory will only be upwards from here on out. Her rapid ascent after her 2023 debut reflects the affecting resonance within her self-expressive self-produced releases.

You Are My World was officially released on January 5th. Slip into the etherealism via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Heather McDowall visualised a digital delirium in her infectiously disorientated alt-indie pop hit, Truman Show

In 1998, The Truman Show exhibited the exploitative tendencies of media and how it damages self-perception; Heather McDowall spun that narrative a little further through the lens of a Gen Z raconteur of alt-indie pop with her latest single, Truman Show.

The Midlands-residing singer-songwriter burst through the delicate and twee indie pop bubble to deliver a funk-distilled, rock-licked earworm which transcends the candidly confessional and conversational style of Kate Nash.

The delirium of living in a reality marred by digital ties and afflictions is pervasive throughout the single; a nod to the unorthodox yet exhilarant production style, which allowed Heather McDowall to efficaciously visualise her disorientating experience with reality. It’s safe to say that she spoke for us all in yet another stellar feat of ‘multi-dimensional’ music orchestrating.

Since she made her 2019 debut on the airwaves following the success of her YouTube channel, McDowall has made several appearances on BBC Introducing, Live at the Basement Amazing Radio, and Totally Music. After bearing witness to the evolution of her style and the tangible resonance in Truman Show, McDowall is by far one of the most promising artists in the UK right now. For your own sake, dig in.

Truman Show aired on the airwaves on January 5th; stream the single on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

MER reached the pinnacle of cathartic intimacy with ‘When I’m Alone’

With a touch of Adrianne Lenker to the vocals and a lo-fi ethereal guitar atmosphere which will placate the staunchest Elliott Smith fans, the NYC-residing singer-songwriter, MER’s latest artfully vulnerable single, When I’m Alone, reaches the pinnacle of cathartic intimacy.

The descent into Avant-Garde indie bedroom pop obscurity just before the track fades to a close gives you the compulsion to dive back into the passionately elevated arrangement while pulling in reminiscences to Mitski. But make no mistake, When I’m Alone is no feat of assimilation.

The visceral soul which emanates from the experimentalism is a testament to the originality of MER. The lyrical experience of fierce independence as a coping mechanism may be a relatively universal phenomenon, but MER is one in an expressively eloquent million.

When I’m Alone hit the airwaves on May 12. Hear it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The Garnetts released the ultimate summer indie-pop staple with their latest hit single, Jealous

The Garnetts have exactly what it takes to follow in the alt-indie footsteps of their Liverpudlian counterparts, Red Rum Club, as they melodically stride towards success with their nostalgically sepia-tinged latest single, Jealous, which is due for official release on June 2nd.

With the angularly funky staccato guitar chops, crooned guitar lines, and definitively 80s atmosphere in the sentimentally sweet single, you will be immersed in the bitter-sweet narrative of romantic possession from the first infectiously carved chorus.

Any fans of The Maccabees, Foals and Mystery Jets will be instantly enamoured by the bubblegum propensity of this emotionally monolithic hit single that could easily become a staple part of your summer indie pop playlists.

Stream Jealous via SounCloud from June 2nd.

Follow The Garnetts on Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Chelsea Silva delivered the ultimate exposition on tentative anxiety with her canderous alt-indie-pop single, frontline

Chelsea Silva

After the Australian alt-pop singer-songwriter, Chelsea Silva ensnared us with her devilishly quirky 2022 single, Hades Has a Daughter, she’s shown us an equally disarming new side to her cogent talent with ‘frontline’.

With 70s folk pop tones behind her soft indie pop vocals in the intro which build into scintillating reminiscences to the likes of Lorde while sharing the same command of dark and gothic vocal ranges as Evanescent and Nightwish while never losing the stylish pop edges, frontline is definitively a triumph.

Silva set the lyrical bar high with her former releases. She transcended it with elevated grace in frontline. Exuding a tentative sense of disquiet uncertainty that grips us all while we attempt to work around anxiety and the landmines that our disparate society leaves us, only a sociopath would fail to get on the same page as Silva and resonate with every soul-shivering line.

Frontline will officially release on January 31st. Hear it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Chelsea Silva reclaimed power in her vindicatingly catchy electro-pop debut, hades has a daughter

Alt-indie-pop singer-songwriter Chelsea Silva spilt fabled glamour all over the standout single, hades has a daughter, from her spell-binding EP, But What if You Fly?

Using Greek Mythology for her narratively clever exposition on how this mortal world puts kinks in our soul, the Sydney, Australia luminary newcomer proved that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Not even the god of the underworld can match a woman determined to reclaim power and question, “why do the happiest ones leave a trail behind?”.

The catchy, moody electro-pop beats playfully pop around Silva’s sultry theatrical vocal timbre to ensure that everyone who tunes into hades has a daughter gets a shot of vindication through the quirky arrestive sensation of a debut. She shimmers with all of the star power of Marina and the Diamonds while ensuring her own autonomy is the centre of gravity in the infectious hit.

hades has a daughter will be available to stream from November 30th. Catch the earworm on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast