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There He Goes: Foolish Deep give it ‘One More Shot’ on quality new single

Taken off the fantastic journey that is the six-track EP called ‘The Fool‘, Foolish Deep lather our hearts with some much-needed reality on ‘One More Shot‘.

Foolish Deep is a well-traveled two-piece Los Angeles, California indie alt-80’s and modern pop act, who have formulated that underground sound that is mightily mysterious, makes your mind think within and has you in a reflective mood.

”Our lyrics convey the longing for the discovery and exploration of the deepness and darkness of the wild ocean of life.”-Foolish Deep

This is the story of giving it one more go even if you know it probably won’t work, as you give it your all no matter what the odds are.

The vocals are deeply entrenched into your soul, the quality of the music soundscape is marvelous and you get lost in the journey, as the phone call isn’t being picked up as the line has been crossed too far, the lost feeling has you in a daze as you look outside in a silent gaze.

One More Shot‘ from LA-based indie-pop Foolish Deep, is a mesmerizing story beyond the mind to find something more than what you are feeling when you are down after a tough time. The storm really does water the garden after all.

Stream this new track on Spotify and check out the IG for more striking visuals.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen