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Alska have dropped their latest single Matter Of Time

Four-piece band Alska has dropped ‘Matter Of Time’ nailing that Alternative Rock essence, but adding in many varieties of instrumentation to give it a more upbeat and funky sound, it’s a perfect combination.

There’s something about this quartet that hooks you in straight away, whether that’s the way they change up their style in a rather fast way through the compelling vocals. So many elements are coarse through this piece, making it such an intriguing song to listen to and one that shows a huge amount of potential.

Kicking it off with the riff on the guitar, as the deep melodic vocals begin having this gravelly tone to the voice, As the instrumentation begins to fade off into the distance, to really let the vocals shine. When a trumpet pierces through the song playing an uplifting tune, Throughout the beginning, middle and end there is always a use of a variety of instruments and the way this band switches it up so effortlessly is incredible.

Head on over to bandcamp now to check out Alska’s single Matter Of Time

Review by Karley Myall