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JNO desperately wants that romantic connection to return on ‘Come Thru’ (feat. AllyStarDreamly)

Taking us into this subdued mood that has no hope of changing for the better as the candles have blown out, JNO wants the night to spark with all-night passion, but he is feeling the icy winds of wrath from his former flame on ‘Come Thru(feat. AllyStarDreamly).

JNO aka Joshua Nathan Ortañez is a 22-year-old Northern California-raised Filipino-American RnB singer-songwriter who loves telling genuine stories that are packed with life.

After starting his career in 2014 with prolific releases aplenty, JNO is showing us exactly what is happening at this precise moment and vividly describes it with a hazy smoke in the air. Packed with a heartbreaking scenario that can’t possibly twist back from the hurt before, that wrapped your smiles away during the hurtful conversations.

Come Thru(feat. AllyStarDreamly) from San Francisco, California-based indie RnB artist JNO is a reminder that sometimes true love can happen between two souls who have departed from each other. Sung with a genuine passion that will soak your veins and cause you to shiver slightly, this is a superbly projected single that will have you in awe of the aura presented.

Love can be so cruel if your morals don’t connect as one.

Listen up to this new track on Spotify and check out the IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen