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She Like My Drip: Aj0hn kicks the naysayers away like Messi on ‘L!t’

With a unique blend of creation that has us so intrigued about this new style of rap in 2021, Aj0hn shows us why she is really into his swag-filled vibe on his new freestyle-like single which has him feeling rather ‘L!t‘.

Aj0hn is a newcomer Allentown, Pennsylvania-based indie rapper. He makes that new school type of ear-bending hip-hop music which has the beat shaking and the vocals sparking into this full paced assault on the mic.

The bars are slammed through the unsuspecting rate that might make a skilled sailor nervous, as the winds pick up and have you feeling like your heart is beating so much faster than before. He leaves little on the bones left for anyone else to munch on, as his mind is made up that she is the one for him and nothing else will do.

L!t‘ from the charming Allentown, Pennsylvania-based American rapper Aj0hn, is a rampage on the mind as you filter all of the self-doubt out of your senses, as you only bring in fresh smelling energy back into your life. This is a quick-fire track which might leave you in shock at first due to its complexities – as the style is alive and stocked full of entertainingly honest sentiment – which shows his utter confidence. She is into him and not the other guy, which makes him rather pleased with himself.

Sometimes you just have a feeling something is going to work, as you strive for that finish line to start the night for real.

Stream this new single on Soundcloud and see more via his Twitter.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Somewhat Incognito sneak in hungry with synthy-pop ‘Night Light Appetite’

Somewhat Incognito is an indie project from Allentown in the United States. They mark their much-anticipated release called ‘Night Light Appetite’. This is a busy solo artist that likes to bring out two songs per month and this one certainly is up there with the best.

Night Light Appetite‘ is all about wanting to be with that special human in your life. You don’t care what you do, you just want to feel them close and be together. You don’t even have to talk, you are only wanting to spend that extra quality time so you can grow closer.

Somewhat Incognito are a mysterious act that is known to be masterminded by ‘Mark’. He does well here on the saucy ‘Night Light Appetite‘ and this is a love song about that one that want in your life. I love the message here and the lovely musical production from the young artist.

Click here for the Soundcloud music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen